Photographer and Stylist, Josephine Rozman, has worked for an array of internationally recognized brands, publications and restaurants that include;
Alfred Dunhill, Four Seasons Hotel, Island Shangri La Hotel, Amber by Mandarin Orientel, Hong Kong Tatler, Dining Concepts Group, Tasting Kitchen Magazine and DestinAsian.

Although she calls Australia home, Josephine is currently based in Hong Kong.

+852 9787 3107


"Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it." Confucius once said… Well that’s exactly what Josephine excels at doing!

As a chef, I always try to question the status quo of the things that I create, and sometimes I am not happy with the way it looks. When Josephine lays her eyes on it, magic happens. A bit of light juggling, some acrobatics over the dish, a change of lens, and there it is… Josephine has yet again taken photography to an art form, and to its best. Instead of just a mere capture, Josephine’s photos document a moment in time that will linger in ones memory for good. Josephine brings a touch of emotion to photos, creating that intense handshake between the photo and the audience. It is indeed a talent that too few photographers have nowadays.

Gregoire Michaud - Chef, Bread Elements HK

Doesn’t matter if it is portrait or food shots the quality of Josephine’s work is exceptional. She is open minded, flexible and listens carefully and brings in addition to that a lot to the table. She has a strong understanding on how to shoot food, has an ability to be efficient and to capture the best image at the right moment! She is no doubt one of the best food photographers around!

Richard Ekkebus - Culinary Director, Mandarin Orientel Hotel HK & Head Chef, Amber Restaurant

Josephine’s a bit of a rockstar as far as the team at Foodie is concerned. We love collaborating with her every month when she shoots the recipes, feature articles and covers for our magazine. She’s loads of fun to work with, has incredible energy, infectious enthusiasm and lots of patience, which is a great combination.

Helen Griffiths - Creative Director, Foodie Magazine

Josephine Rozman has been one of the most inspirational artists to work with. Her commitment to perfection and passion for her craft shows throughout every element of her work. Her fun, quirky personality sets you at ease and draws the best work from within. She truly brings expression and creativity out of me which makes for a beautiful artistic partnership. On the other hand her solemnity and attention to detail drive her in finding the perfect shot to capture soul and emotion through a photograph.

Vinny Lauria - Head Chef at Stone Nullah Tavern, Posto Pubblico and Linguini Fini

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